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3D technology has never been more popular, with advances in technology meaning that people need 3D glasses, even in their own homes. Here at 3D Promo Optics, we supply 3D glasses and Promotional 3D Effect Glasses to the entertainment industry, ranging from theatres to advertisers, and pride ourselves on being able to meet your needs at prices which can’t be beaten.

3D glasses can be personalised to your needs, so that as well as providing the means to watch 3D entertainment, you can capitalise on the blank spaces on the 3D glasses for advertising purposes, which can mean that the glasses almost pay for themselves. We offer 3D glasses made from a range of materials which are compatible with a number of different 3D technologies.

If you have any queries about our 3D glasses, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

3D Glasses

3D promo optics

We offer a full range of 3D Glasses as well as additional solutions to complete your 3D experience.

Check out some of our range of glasses below. We have helped cinemas, theme parks, theatre, and the events companies to fulfil their 3D needs.

  • 3D Polarised glasses
  • Plastic & Paper varieties
  • Compatible models for RealD, Master Image & Xpand
  • 3D Fireworks Glasses
  • Promotional Effect Glasses
  • 3D Equipment hire and animated content

Promotional Effect Glasses

3D promo optics

Our promotional holographic effect 3D PromoSpex and 3D Fireworks glasses will light up any marketing campaign. Sure to create a buzz amongst your event goers and prospective clients, we offer a range of glasses with effects such as 3D bursts of colour or amazing glowing images that can be seen when looking at any distant point of light.

Incorporating your branding or sponsors, we can create a unique and exclusive promotional product that displays your logo or image in every point of light for a stunning effect that’s sure to be remembered.

Whatever your event – from fireworks displays and Christmas lights to pantomimes festivals, concerts and more – our 3D PromoSpex will make a big impact as a fun, low cost advertising tool that’s capable of bringing you a great return.

3D Glasses

3D Polarised glasses, 3D Fireworks Glasses & more


Compatible models for RealD, Master Image & Xpand

Promotional Glasses

Amazing Promotional Effect Glasses

Projector Hire

Projector Hire & 3D animated Content

Our Glasses

Below you will find some of our 3D glasses that are already a big hit with both mega brands and smaller companies, our 3D effect glasses are the hottest new promotional phenomenon to hit the UK and Europe.

Some of our 3D glasses

3D PromoSpex spec list:

    • A unique and exclusive promotional product
    • Low cost with a high profit margin
    • Great for fundraising, advertising AND increasing revenue
    • Interactive, magical and fun
  • Ideal for any public or corporate event

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Latest News

  • We provided 300,000 3D glasses for Birmingham Stage Company’s world tour of their latest stage production of Horrible Histories Barmy Britain, bringing their horrible historic characters to life!

  • Legoland Windsor will once again be treating punters to a thrilling 3D LEGO fireworks display this Halloween season. See dazzling LEGO bricks shoot from the sky in every firework, with our 3D PromoSpex glasses!

  • The Bristol Hippodrome will be housing some spooky goings on…this Christmas, in First Family Entertainment’s production of Cinderella starring Louis Spence. Audiences will be treated to a ‘never seen before’ 3D animated Ghost Gag scene…3D Ghost Goggles at the ready!

  • We also supplied the 3D glasses for this years pantomime at Manchester Opera House where Dick Whittington will feature a jaw dropping 3D Underwater adventure. It’s sure to be a tantalising experience!

  • LEGOLAND Windsor wanted something new and innovative for their Halloween fireworks display. We provided 45,000 3D PromoSpex glasses containing a LEGO brick in the lens and printed with their iconic yellow design. The crowd were mesmerised and tickled pink to see LEGO bricks bursting from the sky! 3D PromoSpex glasses not only brought a new dimension to the event, they also increased revenue for the park and kept the punters entertained on their journey home-A great advertising success!

    LEGOLAND Windsor

Our Service & Products

Here at 3D Promo Optics, we pride ourselves on designing and developing high quality 3D glasses while working very closely with our customers to provide the best possible results.

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