3D Fireworks Glasses

Gaze through your 3D fireworks Specs to witness a 3D burst of colour!


ou may think that a professional fireworks display is impressive enough by itself, but our 3D fireworks glasses will wow your audiences and leave them feeling totally in awe of your show. They’re perfect for not only fireworks displays, but also concerts, laser shows, festivals and more. Thanks to the refraction of light through specially treated lenses, 3D fireworks glasses give your fireworks display a three dimensional edge.

Our 3D fireworks glasses are available in a range of colours, or can be customised with your logo or brand colours, giving you the opportunity to offer bespoke glasses to your audience. Offering 3D fireworks glasses as an enhancement to your show can help to increase profits through advertising space available on the frames, and through sales of the glasses themselves. Don’t just take our word for it – request a sample today and see the magic for yourselves!

Great for:

Fireworks Displays
Concerts & Laser Shows
Charity and Corporate Events