3D Effect Promo Glasses

Seeing is believing


hat could be better than a product which will pay for itself? Our  3D effect promo glasses offer the same light-refracting magic of holographic 3D glasses, while offering ample space on the frames for advertising space.

3D PromoSpex™ are paper glasses containing patented holographic lenses. Customisable to the last detail, these 3D holographic glasses can feature your logo, a graphic or any other image, so as your customers gaze through the glasses, your brand logo will be seen in every point of light, shooting through the sky in exploding fireworks!

What better way to promote your company? 3D effect promo glasses are the perfect way to raise money for charity or increase revenue at public and corporate events.

A highly impressive and cost effective advertising campaign for giveaways, retail or in-pack/magazine mounts. *Minimum Order Quantity-5,000pcs

3D PromoSpex spec list:

    • A unique and exclusive promotional product
    • Low cost with a high profit margin
    • Great for fundraising, advertising AND increasing revenue
    • Interactive, magical and fun
  • Ideal for any public or corporate event

     PromoSpex silver logo_edited

Promospex ™ can be printed in full colour any way you wish. Sponsors may cover the cost of your glasses and the extra revenue can help raise funds for your chosen charity – It’s an ingenious concept that mega brands have already been buzzing about.

PromoSpex ™ work! Just try them amongst your colleagues and expect to take the rest of the afternoon off – They’re just a tiny bit addictive…

PromoSpex ™ are also a great teaching tool for kids and suitable for museums and schools or children’s books, toys and games.

Coca Cola, McDonalds, Audi, and Disney are just some of the brands that love these hot new promotional glasses – Order PromoSpex for your next event and see magic happen!